Here at Clearwater Aquatics we have a large selection of Tropical fish, Marine fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Aquatic goods to suit each and every need.


We pride ourselves on our services and aftersales service, which includes Tank setup, Aquascaping, Delivery, Maintenance and onsite support. Please contact us for more information.


We stock a wide variety of Tropical freshwater fish, from Livebearers such as Platties, Guppies and Mollies, Assorted Loaches, breeding pairs of Discus, Cichlids, Catfishes, Labarynth fish, snails, many varieties of shrimp and many types of tetra.

We have ongoing special offers on Neon Tetras, a common tank filler a

We also carry a large variety of Platies and Guppies,

We have a large assortment of Tropical Plants, with weekly deliveries to keep our variety fresh.


We have recently refurbished our Marine section, enabling us to house more than 600 Corals at all times, more than 250 Marine Fish and hundreds of Snails Shrimps and Crabs.

We stock a wide variety of Coral, including LPS, SPS, soft corals and hard corals, from Favia, Buttons, Toadstools to Acanastrea, Blastomussa, Cynarina, Trachaphyllia and Duncans to name a few.

Our Marine Fish section houses many types of fish from common Chromis to Purple Tangs, Moorish Idols, Cross-Hatch triggers and Large Angels.

We carry instock over 300 kg of cured liverock included Tonga Branching, Java, Fiji, Indonesian and many more in our dedicated liverock curing vats, We also have large amounts of RO Water which can be purchased already salted for you or plain.


We stock several types of Coldwater Fish, including fancy Goldfish, Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins and normal Goldfish.


We carry instock an enormous selection of equipment, Such as, Filters, Heaters, T5 and T8 Lighting, Metal Halide lighting, Protein Skimmers, Calcium Reactors, Pumps of all sorts and CO2 Bottles.

We also have a wide range of Medications, Supplements, Water conditioners, A large variety of Fish Food, Phytoplankton, Frozen, Pellet food and Flake food.



Another speciality of Clearwater Aquatics is the ability to deliver BESPOKE Aquarium and Cabinets which can be designed to suit each particular need.

We also carry a Good range of Package Aquariums ranging from 18” to 60” that come complete with Pumps, Filter, Heater and lighting, Stockists of Many types of Nano reef Tanks.