About Us

Clearwater Aquatics was established by Yoosaf and Shabir, being Discus specialists, breeders of many rare strains and experts in fishkeeping, with a combined 50 years experience, The natural progression was to open a shop.

In 1995, with their love for their hobby, they wanted to take it to the next level and into other areas of fishkeeping, so they decided to open up an Aquatic Outlet.

Clearwater Aquatics is now well known in every aspect of the hobby being one of the best for quality livestock and service in this industry.

Clearwater Aquatics was established in 1995, trading only from a small area of the existing shop. As the years have gone by, Clearwater has moved from strength to strength, expanding its quantity of livestock and products, utilising more than five times the area of the original shop.

Clearwater Aquatics are proud members of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA). OATA members guarantee quality and service and exercise a very high standard of livestock husbandry, abide by their Code of Conduct and have their seal of approval.

TOP AQUATIC RETAILER IN UK 2001, Clearwater Aquatics won 'TOP AQUATIC RETAILER IN THE UK' and 'TOP AQUATIC RETAILER IN THE ENGLISH MIDLANDS 2001', as voted by the readers of the Practical Fish Keeping Magazine.

BEST DISCUS SPECIALIST 2007, Clearwater Aquatics was also voted 'BEST DISCUS SPECIALIST 2007', for the best quality Discus and quality of advice to Discus keepers as a whole.

We have dedicated rooms for our Marines, Tropical and Coldwater Fish.


Clearwater Aquatics - Marines
TWO purpose built coral systems, housing over 500 corals, which includes a dedicated Hard corals system for rare and unusual corals, totalling over a thousand gallons between the two systems.


Clearwater Aquatics - Invertebrates
Dedicated invert system, housing a variety of shrimps, snails, crabs and the weird and wonderful.


Clearwater Aquatics - Marine Fish
Large Marine Fish systems housing many species from small tiny Nano Gobies to massive Angels and Triggers, we have weekly deliveries and we can accommodate special orders


Clearwater Aquatics - Tropical Fish
We carry a large selection of tropical fish in 6 purpose built systems housing over 5500 litres, with weekly deliveries from around the world, We also have a quarantine facilities to house large numbers of new stock.