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Quality Guarantee

Clearwater Aquatics are specialists of Marine Fish and Coral, Tropical Fish and Discus, established since 1995. We are a family ran aquatics outlet based in the midlands, approximately 10 minutes drive from Leicester city centre.

In 2001 we were voted ‘TOP AQUATIC RETAILER IN THE UK’ and ‘TOP AQUATIC RETAILER IN THE ENGLISH MIDLANDS’, in 2007 we were also voted ‘TOP DISCUS SPECIALISTS’ all by readers of the Practical Fishkeeping magazine.

Clearwater Aquatics caters for all your needs whether you keep Goldfish, Tropical fish, Discus or Marine fish and Coral, Whether you are a complete amateur or a fully fledged fishkeeper, with the support of a comprehensive range of leading brand named products to make fishkeeping SIMPLE, EASY AND SUCCESSFULL.